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The Ultimate Onboarding Success Kit

Are you frustrated by needing support, hiring an EA, finding work for them to do, not having the work done to your standards, taking the work back, then firing them…. Only to find yourself in need of support, and starting the hiring cycle all over again? 

At Priority VA we heard from business owners and CEOs all too often that they were stuck on this sick carousel cycle of hiring and firing, and we were frustrated too, which is why we created the ultimate Onboarding Success Kit, the step-by-step guide to onboard your new hire and integrate them as a team member achieving success in your business.  

This 52-Page Guide Will Show You Everything You Need to Know to Set your EA Up for Success.


What You're Getting...

The New EA Checklist - As you bring a new EA, or any team member into your business, this checklist will help you to know the steps to take to effectively and quickly on board your new hire!

The Perfect Assistant - We’re going to cover 4 categories, and for each we’d like you to outline the 5 most important ways your new assistant will make these come to life for you. 

The Ultimate EA Profile - We all have things on our plate that keep us up at night. Whether it's something complicated that we can't figure out or a laundry list of tasks that get pushed to the back burner, we all need help. How do you know if a EA is the right fit for you?

The Executive Summary Template - The most productive executive assistant relationships occur when your EA knows your preferences so well that they’re able to quickly complete your tasks better than you could yourself. To reach this point, you need to be upfront about all of your preferences ranging from preferred vendors (accountants, attorneys, barber/stylist) to travel preferences (car services, airline rewards, hotels). This template gives your EA a quick reference guide so they can make decisions quick on your behalf. 

Ice Breaker Activities - Use these to engage with and get to know your EA. There are a nice mix of personal and professional questions that will give you insight into your new team member! 

Things I am Not - We find that sometimes owners/entrepreneur are used to ‘Doing it All’ so they get stuck in this gray area of “I can do it” and they don’t have the time to stay in their zone of genius or money making activities because they are in the gray.

An easy way to get out of the gray is to identify things you are absolutely not, or hate, or hate doing. Pull up the biggest negative feelings you can then you can find the opposite easily.

Brand Guide Template - A brand  guide takes your mission, vision and values and translates it into design. It also tells everyone exactly how to communicate your brand

Helpful Resources (for the EA to get to know your business) and ‘Getting Started’ tasks - Like the onramp to a freeway, these tasks can help you and your EA build up speed, communicate in a natural way, establish trust, setup SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and streamline your business in ways you didn’t know were possible. If you don’t already have a clear starting point, these tasks can be great foundation builders for your new relationship with organization and your EA. 

The Priority Project Map - How often do you find yourself with a ton of ideas, dreams and to-dos; but the reality is nothing ever gets done? Enter the Priority Project Map. This document helps you work together to map out your goals and more importantly HOW you’ll get there

Onboarding Success Checklist - Onboarding an executive assistant into your business doesn’t happen automaticallyThis checklists covers housekeeping items for the first two weeks to be sure your new EA is set up for success. 

Conversation Starter Check In Questions - Don’t keep conversations to “Please do this.” and “Did you do that?”.  One of the foundations to creating a long-lasting partnership with your EA is to take time for conversation beyond what’s on the agenda for the week. A relationship isn’t built on a to-do list, so find ways to get to know your EA.

30 & 90 Day Check in Survey, EA and Client versions - The 30 day and 90 day checkpoints are great times to go over what went well during the onboarding period, what didn’t, and which areas your new EA needs to focus on for improvement moving forward. It’s a two-way conversation—your new EA should also give final feedback on what they think works and isn't working.

The Relationship Arc and What to Look For - Relationships are not always easy. In fact, it takes a lot of work to cultivate the. Your working relationships are no different. While every relationship is unique in its own way, there are typically five stages every couple goes through. Understanding these stages as they happen can help you better navigate a long-term collaborative fit.